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 Power of Suggestions

Imagine you "Conquering The Learning Curve" to WIN MORE in life with LESS EFFORT. You can take advantage of my new series  “Learning Hypnosis Programs”. These POWERFUL programs will SPEED UP YOUR learning process to:

  • Triple your success in "Sales and Business".
  • Fuel your "Creative Ability" to "Think Smarter".
  • Re-educate your mind to live life "Abundantly".
  • Over-come your "Potential Fear of Rejection" "Build Courage" and take "Positive Action".
  • Double your effectiveness for making "Confident Decisions".
  • Create the BODY you want with higher levels of Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self-Control over your life.
  • Improve your Sexual Intimacy and Love Relationship.
  • Develop prosperous thinking that is victorious, harmonious, uplifting and will pull a "Golden River of Riches" into your life.

Imagine waking each morning to a more POSITIVE and PRODUCTIVE YOU

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Controlling Your Anger

Develop Sales Power

Dream Your Way to Success

Download $14.95
Download $14.95
Download $14.95

This program will guide you through a session of positive hypnotic suggestions for SUCCESSFULLY CONTROLLING YOUR ANGER. You will learn how to be in control of your own emotions and to express your feelings in an assertive healthy manner.

If you’ve been sitting by your phone hoping and praying for leads -- it's not going to happen. Sales Power Hypnosis will shift your thinking, give your courage and confidence to be a top Sales producer.

Your subconscious has a depth of infinite power to supply all that you need. When listening to Dream Your Way to Success you open that power that brings forth  new discoveries, financial freedom, better health and happiness.

How Do YOU Benefit From My Hypnosis  Downloads?
Here's how:

Everyday you and I encounter thousands of messages (auditory and visually) that goes directly into our unconscious mind. And rarely do we identify with all the information on a conscious level; there is so much going on inside our minds that we cannot  mentally process everything consciously. However our unconscious mind does. The down side is that we process lots of negative information causing us to experience fears, anxieties, phobias, lack of confidence, low self esteem, low motivation, self image problems and  place many limitations in our life.

All of this information is going into your brain, from one pass learning, and over time repetitively,  will create thought patterns and feeling that bring on negative habits, behavior and beliefs about ourselves.

Power of Suggestions

Hypnosis works on this same principle.  However, instead of  processing negative unwanted  information randomly from your daily environment you can now  take control of the information going into your mind.  Which means you can send yourself  useful positive information  to reeducate your mind and override all the negative information causing harm in  your life.

 You now develop, in the area of your choice, creating real permanent and positive internal changes.  These changes will consist of powerful and strong feelings and behaviors of self worth, self esteem, focus and memory, motivation, overcome fear and anger, belief in your ability to accomplish things, overcome any negative attitudes and so much more.

In short you TAKE CONTROL of your life.

Eliminate Fear of Public Speaking

Extreme Sports Performance

Goal Achievement

Download #14.95
Download $14.95
Download $14.95

Getting ahead in Life and Business requires effective communications. Words alone will make you a fair communicator at best. Eliminate Fear of Public Speaking will give you the confidence to Speak-Up...with confidence and turn fear into an exciting presentation one-on-one and groups.

EXTREME Sports PERFORMANCE. Lets face it... You want to move into the ZONE and feel the flow of positive energy that transforms your performance from ordinary to extra ordinary. Competing in school or professionally? Extreme Sports Performance Hypnosis will give you the competitive edge.

Goal Achievement gives you the tools to let your subconscious know you mean business for succeeding in reaching your goals. This program session will turn up your intensity of motivation, drive, desire, determination, persistence, action, and perseverance necessary for eventual success.


Increase Mind Power

Lose Weight Permanently

Download $14.95
Download $14.95
Download $14.95

Hypnomeditation... A guided meditation to calm your mind, improve confidence and reduce stress.

This program involves opening up your Mind Power removing blocks for creative thinking, problem solving, making clear choices and decisions. Working with this program will build confidence and courage for taking immediate and consistent action in life.

Lose Weight Permanently... Hypnosis goes to the CORE of your PROBLEM!  Stop having stressful days and sleepless nights thinking about your weight.  Finally There is a better way for losing those excess inches and pounds!

Manage Stress

Money Attraction

Overcoming Shyness

Download $14.95
Download $14.95
Download $14.95

Managing Stress NOW.  Here are a few Signs and Symptoms of Stress...

  • Memory problems.
  • Difficulty making decisions.
  • Inability to concentrate.
  • Confusion.
  • Desire to escape or run away.

Money Attraction will program your mind to GET money, you will cultivate a mind primed to accept wealth.  In this session you’ll learn to create the attitudes that brings wealth in instead of pushing it out.  Open up your Mind vault NOW.

Overcoming Shyness a major cause of phobias, fears, stress, anxiety, drug addition, fear of success, fear of failure, chronic procrastination, under developed social skills and more... Open up your LIFE to Fun, Success and Happiness NOW.

Peak Performance Swimming

Play Excellent Golf

Play Excellent Tennis

Download $14.95
Download $14,95
Download $14.95

Peak Performance Swimming through hypnosis will elevate you to a higher level of excellence with ease and fun. Competing in school or professionally then Peak Performance Swimming Hypnosis will give you the competitive edge.

You Have Dreamed About It... You can step up and take the most incredible drive down the fairway and putt to a strong finish Playing Excellent GOLF.

The ball is in your court. You can step up and take the most incredible serve Playing Excellent Tennis using this program. Using hypnosis will help you play like a champion because you will be improving mentally and emotionally.

Power Living

Self Esteem & Confidence

Sexual Pleasure

Download $14.95
Download $14.95
Download !4.95

Unlike other programs that inspire you temporarily then leaves you with no direction to follow... Power Living
clearly transforms your action that trigger your own motivation toward goal-setting, habits and attitudes.

This program will guide you through a session of positive hypnotic suggestions for SUCCESSFULLY living with less stress, building Self Esteem & Confidence and Beat your fear of rejection.

Rejuvenate Your Love Life and Increase Your Chances for Better Sensual Intimacy. Imagine experiencing a wonderful balance of intimacy, pleasure and passion and feeling as if your bodies where flowing in an out of each other.

Stop Procrastination Now

Unlocking Your Creativity

Stop Smoking Now

Download $14.95
Download $14.95
Download $14.95

Stop Procrastinating Now! Today! Like most habits, procrastination is deeply rooted in your subconscious and can sabotage your best intentions for succeeding in life.
Habits are invisible and, as such, become self-defeating in the mind.

Discover how to think smarter, clearer and to open up your mind to an enormous reservoir of new ideas in your work and personal life regardless of your profession.  Powerful... you will benefit from Unlocking Your Creativity Now!

Let me give you one startling fact! My private session clients walk out of the office after one session as a NON SMOKER.  And people who use this Download become NON SMOKERS too.

Pre-Surgical Preparation Through Hypnosis

Post Surgery Fast Recovery Through Hypnosis

Stop Biting Your Tongue Through Hypnosis

Download $19.95
Download $19.95
Download $16.95

Preparing Yourself Emotionally
Science has proven that adopting a positive and optimistic attitude in preparing,  emotionally, will set you on the road to recovery. This is a companion with Post Surgery Fast Recovery Through Hypnosis.

After Surgery... 
Science has proven that adopting a positive and optimistic attitude after surgery will emotionally and physically speed up the healing process. This program is compatible with Pre-Surgical Preparation Through Hypnosis.

Tongue biting, is a habit, also referred to as tongue chewing. Tongue biting over extensive period of time can lead to difficulty in chewing and speech. Stress continues to be a leading factor for intentional tongue biting. You can stop biting your tongue through training your mind through hypnosis.

Life Enrichment Through Self Hypnosis Course

Life Enrichment Through Self Hypnosis Workbook

The Mind Money Magnet System

Download $495.00

Experience a transformative breakthrough in all areas of your life and be among the happiest super-achievers with our 6 Weeks 8 Session
Self-Hypnosis Life-Enrichment Course,

Download $14.95

This is the work book that was used in training more that 50,000 people in the use of Learning Self-Hypnosis.

Download $39.95

The Mind Money Magnet System
Start unlocking the hidden talents you never knew existed in only moments it takes to reprogram your mind.