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Don L. Price is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Transformative Coach… Helping people through hypnosis and mindfulness to achieve goals, improve athletic performance, overcome fears, doubt, depression, phobias, anxiety, shyness and procrastination… and more!
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Don L. Price biographical profile… Past and Present…

Coaching Minds for Success: Don L. Price is a professional motivational speaker, author, master hypnotherapist and sales/marketing, positive change solutions provider — with more than 36 years of high-level corporate experience in marketing, sales training, stress management, hypnosis and personal success coaching.

Don’s  journey in life started out at the age of 9 when he began selling various products door to door and then after high school and during college became an assistant sales manager for a major beverage firm in Los Angeles California.

His next climb up the corporate ladder occurred during the 70’s where he became vice president of management development and retail operations for a large retailer of a major international corporation.

After many years working in the higher echelons of the corporate world, Don began to explore the mind and realized the potential of self-hypnosis and the power of the mind. He began using the techniques for his own development but soon found that he was able to help others make positive changes in their lives.

Don’s passion and love for helping others succeed was a dream come true in building a successful private hypnotherapy practice and delivering programs throughout the USA, Mexico, and South America, coaching and speaking on topics such as business and personal success; group selling and presentation skills; positive change solutions through hypnosis; thought power the incredible energy force to change anything you desire; overcoming fear and procrastination, stress management and mindfulness techniques.

Don has written and contributed to many books, personal improvement audio programs, and course material. These include “Secrets of Personal Marketing Power for Achieving Greater Personal and Business Success;” “The Impetus Principle” and “Overcoming Doubt, Fear, and Procrastination.”

A resident of Los Angeles CA, California — Don has been listed in who’s who in professional speaking and has made appearances on radio and television programs as a positive change strategist.

All programs are custom-crafted and focus on solutions to specific challenges and concerns facing his audience and clients today — inspiring, motivating, and energizing individuals to their peak performance.

For questions, you can  Call Don L. Price at 800-782-2333

Strategies for Achieving Greater Personal and Business Success
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Don is the author of:

  • Secrets of Personal Marketing Power – Strategies for Achieving Greater Personal & Business Success
  • 14 Best Ways to your Span of Influence to Boost your Income and Career
  • Mastering Personal Marketing Power
  • Life Enrichment Hypnosis Cd-Library
Self-Hypnosis is a positive process for overcoming personal doubt, manage work related stress, empower yourself, slay your un-relentless fears that hold you back from achieving greater success and overcome depression.  In my private Hypnosis practice, I help people with all kinds of problems from personal to sports to health.Let’s face the truth… Diets programs for many people just do not work. And the real reasons they don’t work all boils down to one simple fact.
People work only on the symptoms and not the problems. The symptoms are the excess weight and inches we put on our bodies by eating incorrectly.
The problem is about how we eat — the mental attitudes and behaviors we have about food and self.