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Don L. Price is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Transformative Life Coach… Helping People Through Hypnosis, to Achieve Goals, Improve Athletic Performance, Overcome Fears, Doubt, Depression, Phobias, Anxiety, Shyness, Procrastination… and More!

How to get the Most out of your Hypnosis Session?

Regression Hypnotherapy

Nowadays, hypnosis sessions are becoming popular.People are now visiting various therapists who assist them with hypnosis techniques and put them through a sort of guided dreaming. If you think of visiting a hypnotherapist, keep reading this blog.After all, a good hypnotherapist offers hypnosis to change your life and helps you resolve mental health issues. In …

Why We All Struggle with Overcoming Challenges


Find yourself struggling to overcome challenges, both big and small? If so, you’re not alone.It’s no secret that life is full of challenges. Whether it’s a global pandemic, a relationship issue, or something as small as getting out of bed in the morning, we all face challenges on a daily basis. And while it’s natural …

Your Future Reality Depends on What You Do Now!

Your Future Reality Depends on What You do Now

You are the Architect of your reality. Your life in the future depends on the decisions and actions you take today.If you want to create a positive future, it starts with having a positive mindset now. Self-hypnosis is a powerful way to change your mindset and enable you to take control of your future. When …

Here’s How to Find Positivity During a Mid-Life Crisis

Midlife Crises

 The term midlife refers to individuals aged between 40-60 years. At that age, individuals don’t consider themselves young, but at the same time, they aren’t old either. The best way to describe it is feeling like you are stuck in between, which is what most people refer to as a mid-life crisis. Stagnation in career, …

3 Steps for Preventing Anxiety Attacks


Many people experience anxiety attacks. However, even if they aren’t uncommon, those who deal with them would typically prefer to avoid the anxiety attacks entirely. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the frequency and severity of anxiety attacks. If you’re wondering how to prevent them, here are some tips.Learn a Deep Breathing TechniqueDuring an anxiety …

What to Stop Doing So You Can Turn Your Life Around


Image via Pixabay Everyone experiences stress and dissatisfaction at some point during their life, and we all have to deal with discontentment every now and then. But if you find yourself chronically unhappy, unfulfilled, or unable to cope with life’s demands, it might be time to take stock and reassess your goals and priorities. Then, you …

Tips for Helping to Prevent Suicide–Recognizing the Signs

Recognizing the Signs: Tips for Helping to Prevent Suicide

Most of us have known someone affected by depression at some point. It may have been bad enough to worry you a loved one would attempt suicide. It’s a common problem, but many people.Regardless of the circumstances and whether or not you’re comfortable intervening, it’s essential to understand and recognize the warning signs and risk …

Special Report  #1 How to handle 2 Major Killer Fears

Stressed out

We live in an increasingly complex and stressful society where myths saturate our minds with “more Fiction than Fact.”Myth: “Thick Skin Fearlessness” is the paramount characteristic quality of all highly successful salespeople.Myth:  People who experience fear never become successful in sales.Overcoming “More Fiction Than Fact” myths can start you on a journey of great prosperity …

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