The Magic Power of Influence

Secrets of Personal Marketing PowerCertainly, formulas we use act like magic to influence others.

The magic is, however, clearly in the formulating of powerful words and certain principles employed that create the magic to influence the actions of others. There is much research on the subject of influence by social psychologist, primarily through observation and experimental studies in laboratories. Some of the most powerful, more frequently used psychological principles of influence are an authority, scarcity, liking, reciprocity, and social proof.

Using the dynamics of these principles of influence will make up the core strategy in helping you master personal marketing power for optimizing your professional career.

Subjected to so many of the principles for so long, rarely do we consciously perceive their power.  Often we overlook their basic simplicity as a valuable marketing weapon that can have a tremendous ability to direct human action.

Here is an example of how the powerful influence of social proof is used:

The power of someone else “Blowing Your Horn” (testimonials).  Testimonials are one of your single most important weapons of influence.   This one tool has more impact to direct human action than any other does.  When someone else is bragging about you, your products or services it is more believable  — it is more likely heard as true when someone else says it rather than if you say it.

Use testimonials to add selling power to your advertisements, brochures, direct mail pieces, resumes, web pages and business cards.  Apply in full letterform, quotes and in audio or video format.

Testimonials contribute two important factors:

  1. Increase excitement
  2. Adds credibility and believability

 From my book — “Secrets of Personal Marketing Power-Strategies for Achieving Greater Personal & Business Success

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