Change Butterflies Of Fear Into EAGLES OF COURAGE

Change Butterflies Of Fear Into EAGLES OF COURAGEYou possess the most powerful machine on earth–Your mind.

It can transport you to the dungeon of desor lift you gloriously up the steps of success beyond your wildest dream.  We live in a mental world where at one time all things were only a concept, idea or image in the mind of a person.  Your “Personal Power” is unshackled when there is an understanding that words are thoughts and thoughts can manifest into reality.  Shakespeare said, “Conditions are thought made.  Change your thoughts, and you change your conditions.”

You can demonstrate “Personal Power” of thought with this simple exercise.   Ask another person to extend their right or left arm straight out placing their hand on your shoulder, keeping the elbow stiff and pointing it down at the floor.  Ask them to concentrate on their elbow putting all the strength they have to keep you from bending their elbow by pulling down with your two hands.  When you begin to put pressure on their elbow, there will be nothing they can do to prevent their elbow from bending.

Do it again, however, this time have them change their thinking.  Ask them to forget their elbow and only concentrate on the hand that’s firmly placed on your shoulder.  Tell them the harder you press down on the inside of their elbow, the more strength you want them to put into their hand on your shoulder.  This time you will not be able to bend their elbow.  Having them change their focus and thinking enabled them to more than double their strength with less physical effort.  (WARNING: The elbow must point down at the floor.  It takes only ten pounds of pressure to break your arm if your elbow is pointing up.)

This same principle applied to your sales and marketing will optimize your business.  So often we focus on the “commission” (elbow) we are going to make.  This reduces our power and effectiveness in closing more sales. When you concentrate and focus on the “end results” (hand) of how your client/customer is going to benefit from your product or service you optimize your opportunities to close more business and more than double your selling strength.

Don L Price, EzineArticles Platinum Author


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