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What stands in the way of people creating their own future and finding their mission and intention in life generally results from a prior agenda!













Recently I have identified issues, obstacles, and solutions to dealing with habits of behavior for easing the challenge of change.  Through my mentoring, seminars, and private hypnotherapy sessions, I have found that people don’t change and won’t change until they can effectively control conflicting prior agendas.

For example, Jane (fictitious name) wants desperately to create residual income.  She signs up for a referral network marketing company that will give her the income she so desperately says she wants and needs. She’s excited about the possibilities.

She was told that in order for her to generate income that she will need to buy and use the products herself.  She says I will jump on it right away and order the product.  Jane is successful at recruiting several people into her new and exciting business.

However, several months have passed and Jane still hasn’t ordered her product.  Why?  Jane’s excited, but she is harboring conflicting prior agendas.  After confronting Jane, she said I will order the product tonight.  After probing a little deeper, Jane explained that she has an uncomfortable and unpleasant feeling inside based on other agendas in her life. She, therefore, has procrastinated in taking any action.  Jane’s classical procrastination ploy is to wait to feel emotionally ready before she acts on a project.  Unfortunately, Jane lost money this week and opportunity — a repeated pattern in Jane’s life.

Jane’s is not an isolated story.  We can all look at ourselves and identify with Jane.  If we are to create our future and reap the benefits of an expansive and growing global marketplace, we need to overcome prior agendas that sabotage our future and break the procrastination habit.

Dr. Bill Knaus, former Director of Training at the Institute for Rational Emotive Therapy, says — “Procrastination is a choice.  We are myth-making creatures with great capabilities of inventing fiction to explain reality.  Fictions weaken our action decisions and strengthen avoidance decisions.”

Greater and more life-enriching opportunities will come to those who overcome the procrastination habit and take action to beat this drain on time and life. Technology makes it possible to save time and leap forward in your pursuit of building and growing in life and business.

One way of moving forward in creating your future is to build your awareness, not only of your self-limiting behaviors and fears but to embrace the technological tools that will change the cyclone of life. Now is the time to build your mindset and transform your life to begin your journey today by jumping into the technological universe.

Build your presence in the global arena.  Personal marketing and positioning are critical for upward mobility in the corporate world and for the small home-based entrepreneur.

The Internet has given us the quickest easiest and most cost-efficient portal to market one-on-one for growing our business and career.  We can take advantage of this for growing our networks and build relationships.  Take the attitude of “Just do it” – get a clear focus on your intentions, drop your procrastination, and have fun.

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Don L Price Hypnotherpist and Transformational Life Coach


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