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People are stressed, and fearful while losing self-esteem and confidence (rightly so.) I want to do my part in letting all of you have a tool that can help with your self-esteem, confidence, stress, anxiety and fear.

One of the best ways for you to let go of negative attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors is through Hypnosis. With the following hypnotherapy sessions, you will experience your way to success, joy, and happiness!

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Controlling Your Anger

Anger and intolerance will immediately affect your body in negative ways. Be careful about what you think. When listening to this session, you will reprogram your mind and emotions more healthily.

Instantly downloadable for $19.95


Self-Esteem and Confidence

The door is OPEN- – You can walk through and take the most incredible journey of your life into Successful Living With Greater Self Esteem & Confidence. This program will guide you through a session of positive hypnotic suggestions for SUCCESSFULLY living with less stress, building Self Esteem & Confidence- -Beating your fear of rejection, and overcoming shyness.

Instantly downloadable for $19.95

Goal Achievement

This session will motivate you to set short-term and long-term goals. You will implement and manifest your dreams effortlessly and quickly in half the time. Overcome your fears, doubt, and procrastination!

Instantly downloadable for $19.95


Eliminate Fear of Public Speaking

Eliminating Fear of Public Speaking will help you speak up with confidence and deliver a compelling presentation. You will develop the courage to speak in front of 1 or 1001 people as an expert in your field.

Instantly downloadable for $19.95


Lose Weight Permanently

Many people lose Weight only to regain it back. Listening to this session will help you lose Weight Permanently by utilizing six mental exercises. You will create the habit of eating healthy and stop snacking.

Extreme Sports Performance

Physical skill in any sport is essential. However, it would help if you had the mindset of a winner, which means overcoming doubt and fear. Extreme Sports will take you to a higher level of performance.

Instantly downloadable for $19.95



Increase Mind Power

Increase your mind power for meeting your goals and aims in all areas of life. Have tremendous success and enjoyment. Think smarter, improve memory, recall, retention, and concentration at work and in school

Instantly downloadable for $19.95


Develop Sales Power

Manage stress-related anxieties and phobias. (More DOLLARS are the results of lost sales by Pros and Rookies because of these fears. ) Eliminate stress-related worries of cold calling and conquer call reluctance.

Instantly downloadable for $19.95


Dream Your Way to Success

Dreams are a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations and turn into influential blueprints of what you dare to dream. Consciously program your mind with Dream Your Way to Success.

Instantly downloadable for $19.95


Manage Stress

Stress is your body’s way of responding to any demand or threat. When you sense danger—real or imagined—the body’s defenses kick into high gear in a rapid, automatic process known as the “fight-or-flight” reaction or the “stress response.”

Instantly downloadable for $19.95


Money Attraction

If you are serious about manifesting money into your life, you can not just wish for it. You can not just hope for it. You can not just want it. You quite literally have to expect it. You have to accept that it will come to pass no matter what. That’s the Law of Attraction.

Instantly downloadable for $19.95


Overcoming Shyness

Being shy can be characteristic of people who have low self-esteem. More concrete forms of shyness and self-worth are social anxiety or phobia that is social. The primary defining characteristic of shyness is a largely ego-driven fear of what others think.

Instantly downloadable for $19.95


Play Excellent Golf

Step up to the tee with focus, concentration, and confidence. Playing Excellent Golf will help you create the mindset of a winner and champion as you overcome doubt, fear, and frustration.

Instantly downloadable for $19.95


Hypnomeditation Hypnosis

Hypnomeditation: A Journey Into Your Mind and Body It’s a delightful journey of meditation and hypnosis that is soothing to the mind relaxing you by going in and out of your body in a perfectly safe and enjoyable state of mind while letting go of stress and experiencing a new dimension of relaxation.

Instantly downloadable for $19.95

Play Excellent Tennis

The mental state of tennis is usually the deciding factor that tips the scales in the match. Play Excellent Tennis will help you become mentally tough and successfully deal with all challenges on/off the court.

Instantly downloadable for $19.95


Living a Powerful Life! Using Hypnosis

Unlike other programs that temporarily inspire you and leave you with no direction to follow– Power Living transforms your action that triggers your motivation toward goal-setting, habits, and attitudes.

Seasonal Sale instantly downloadable for $19.95


Sensual Pleasure Using Hypnosis

Rejuvenate Your Love Life and Increase Your Chances for Better Sensual Intimacy. Imagine experiencing a balance of intimacy, pleasure, passion, and feeling as if your bodies were flowing in and out of one another.


Instantly downloadable for $24.95


Stop Procrastination Now

Procrastination is delaying or postponing a task or set of functions. Symptomatic of a psychological disorder, procrastination, have been linked to many negative associations, such as depression, irrational behavior, low self-esteem, anxiety, and neurological disorders. You will fix procrastination using this session repetitively.

 Instantly downloadable for $19.95


Unlocking Your Creativity

Powerful – everyone who wants to discover how to think more innovative, more precise, and open up their mind to an enormous reservoir of new ideas in their work and personal life, regardless of their profession, will benefit from Unlocking Your Creativity!

Instantly downloadable for 19.95


Stop Smoking Now

Just look at the startling fact! My private session clients walk out of the office as NON-SMOKERS. And people who use this recording become NON-SMOKERS too. Hard to believe? Not really! But the facts are, from the results, people like you prove my program works. And, it works just like magic for anyone.

 Seasonal Sales instantly downloadable for 24.95


Pre-Surgical Preparation

Millions of operations are performed each year. Some are emergency, and most are elective surgery. This mental preparation hypnosis session is for those who have chosen elective surgery on an outpatient or inpatient basis and have the time to prepare for it. Any surgery may be stressful and significantly impact your mind, body, and emotions. Using your pre-surgical mental preparation hypnosis will have many positive, beneficial results.

Seasonal Sales Instantly downloadable for $14.95

Post Surgery Fast Recovery

Welcome to your Post-surgery fast recovery hypnosis session. Each time you enter your hypnosis session, allow yourself to sit back or recline in a quiet location where you have removed all distractions from your cell phone, home or office phone, radio, or television. Take a moment to make yourself as comfortable as possible. You may want to let your eyes close quickly and effortlessly, knowing this time is for you to support and participate in your healing process lovingly. Now permit yourself to be physically and mentally relaxed to begin to lose all physical awareness of your body.

Seasonal Sales Instantly downloadable for $14.95


Stop Biting Your Tongue

Biting your tongue can be excruciatingly painful. If you bite your tongue very hard, you might need to see a doctor to ensure your tongue is not infected. In addition, the pain from biting your tongue can prevent you from eating, which is another reason to talk to your doctor about treatment options. There are steps you can take to relieve pain from biting your tongue. Biting your tongue is a symptom of a bigger problem you have, such as feeling anxious all the time or angry?

 Seasonal Sales Instantly downloadable for $14.95

Inner Peace & Wealth

Imagine the fun you’ll have with more time, less stress, more energy, and more money. Manifesting the good in life comes from using deliberate attraction and training your mind to work for you! Not against you!

Seasonal Sale Instantly downloadable for $19.95

Peak Performance Swimming

Peak Performance Swimming through hypnosis will elevate you to a higher level of excellence with ease and fun. Peak Performance Swimming Hypnosis will give you a competitive edge when competing in school or professionally.

Seasonal Sale Instantly downloadable for $24.95


Life Enrichment Through Self Hypnosis