Nothing Sells Like Repetition

Repetition consumed in your mind controls your life

Marketing and advertising have long used techniques based on Hypnosis.  Savvy Marketers know that a repeated message can sink into the deepest subconscious level of a person’s mind.

Repetition of a message is so effective in triggering self-hypnosis that we begin to hum or sing those Madison Avenue advertising jingles.  Example: When I say “Spearmint Gum,” your mind probably thought of  “Double Your Flavor, Double Your Fun.” (for us older generation)

Competition is the hallmark of all Marketing and Sales, and it is essential to be focused, intense, full of energy and motivation to be a success.

Therefore, we can use Hypnosis in the same way Madison Avenue does to create their ads and advertise to ourselves messages that propel us to more extraordinary achievement and peak performance.  We all experience self-hypnosis frequently in everyday Life in such diverse activities as day-dreaming, jogging, prayer, reading, listening to music, meditation, or even driving the freeways.

Hypnosis offers a unique opportunity for the marketing and sales professionals and ourselves to give positive messages that will influence positively new thinking, attitudes, and behaviors.

  • Use Hypnosis to transform many of your fears, concerns, and anxieties into strengths.
  • Use self-hypnosis to change negative thoughts into positive action and watch your sales Life and career take a quantum leap.

Crisis Brings With It; Unbearable Fears Which Affects Our Mind and Body. We Lose Self-Esteem and Confidence, and Stress Out!  Hypnosis, Meditation, and Mindfulness Will Deeply Empower You With Inner Strength, Calm, and Peace of Mind!

Your Future Reality Depends On What You Do Now!


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