Pain Control Through Hypnosis

Pain control HypnosisHypnosis does not heal, treat, or cure. Hypnosis enables you to control and eliminate discomfort when it occurs. Pain is our body’s warning system, telling us something is wrong. You can only remove a pain as long as it is not a warning.

You have a fail-safe mechanism in your subconscious that will not let you harm yourself. It is the mechanism that keeps your respiration continuous, blood circulating, heart beating, etc. when you pass out, get knocked out, etc. When you have pain, you should go to your doctor.

People get into more trouble by diagnosing and treating themselves. Always go to your doctor when you do not know the source of pain or discomfort.

I will tell you how I use pain control for myself. It relieves the pain and speeds up the healing process. I will describe three methods that I use to drop pain

  1. Visualization
  2. Glove Anesthesia (with pain control dial)
  3. the Switching Device.

First of all, I do not use the word pain. The pain only means one thing — pain, hurt, and discomfort. I use the word sensitivity.”

You have the ability, through practicing consistently, to relax yourself to a degree where you have altered your rate of breathing, altered your pulse rate, altered your blood pressure, and eliminated tension and anxiety. If you are interested in utilizing pain control, you merely need to practice.

The three methods that follow.


  • I use the procedure I call waking hypnosis to put myself into hypnosis.
  • I describe the location of the sensitivity in terms of shape, size, and color.
  • I then change the qualities by reducing the size, changing the shape, and changing the color.

I give myself the suggestion that the sensitivity is leaving me.

My muscles are loose and relaxed. I give myself a suggestion about what I am going to do so that I re-direct my attention away from the sensitivity.

This is a simple method used to end headaches.


  • Visualize a sensitivity control dial numbered from ten to zero. Ten being greatest discomfort.
  • Visualize a thick heavy rubber hand being fastened around your left wrist.
  • You can feel your left hand beginning to tingle as the blood to the left hand is being shut off.
  • Feel your left hand becoming tingly and numb, Feel it first turning red then purple from lack of blood.
  • Then visualize it turning white as all circulation stops. Visualize the sensitivity dial as it moves from 10, down to 9 to 8. Feel your hand growing numb.
  • Visualize the muscles clamping down on the arteries and capillaries.
  • Feel the muscles in your wrist squeezing the nerves and preventing the blood flow.Ice Water
  • Feel your hand becoming more and more insensitive.
  • As the indicator moves to 7, to 6, to 5, feel as if your wrist were injected with Novocaine with no discomfort from the injection.
  • Feel your hand becoming thick, cold, numb, and completely insensitive.
  • Visualize beside you a large bucket of icy water filled with big chunks of ice.
  • As the indicator moves to number~3 visualize you plunging your numb hand into the icy water and feel for only a moment the piercing cold.
  • Now your hand is complete, total number, absolutely devoid of feeling.

Reach over with your right hand and pinch the back of your left hand. You will feel pressure, but your left hand will be completely numb and devoid of feeling. When you have felt the back of your hand, take your left hand and place it on your jaw.

Feel the numbing sensation transferring and spreading into your jaw. Feel the tingling coldness permeate and penetrate the area.


Your nervous system is very much like an electrical circuit. You can shut off the nerves in any area of your body you choose much the same as you would turn off a light. Visualize the nerve circuit control room.

  • You can see banks of switches, rows of large power switches, each labeled “left hand.”
  • You can see that the green light is on indicating the nerves are functioning.
  • You can see the wires extend from the switch through your body to your left hand.
  • At the count of three, you will throw the switch, breaking the circuit. The green light will go out and you will feel a slight burst of energy as the circuit is broken and your left hand is completely numb.
  • One, relax and take hold of the switch.
  • Pull the switch and as the light goes out, feel a slight burst of energy and the instant relief of all discomfort, the instant shut-off of all nerves to your left hand.

 Be sure to give suggestions that both hands are completely normal at the end of the session.

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