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Hypnotherapy Regression is Powerful and is Misunderstood by Most PeopleThis may help those who are searching for answers about how one goes into regression.

Regression, as defined in psychology textbooks, does not have the same meaning or connotation as in hypnosis. The client should be aware of the difference. in psychology regression (as in hypnosis) falls into two categories:

  1. Retrogressive behavior is evidenced in a person who suffers gross feelings of insecurity who attempts to return to a “safer” time in childhood, thus gaining parental attention and/or security.
  2. Primitivization means childish behavior exhibited in reaction to frustration. This is not a “return” to childhood as in retrogressive behavior; rather it is best demonstrated by kicking furniture or getting into a fistfight when thwarted from the desired goal.


In hypnosis, regression means placing a person back in time through hypnotic techniques. The two types are:

  1. Simple regression, which creates amnesia for the present and depends largely on awakening the memory of the subject to the past.

This has been used by psychologists and others to elicit information from the past to either restore the memory of or awaken knowledge of an important event and/or experience.

  1. Revivification is the second form of hypnotic regression and means literally directing a subject back in time to an earlier period. Experiments with handwriting and intelligence quotients demonstrate to some psychologists and others that the subject is able to actually re-live the event or experience at the age regressed to.

In hypnotic research when the question of regression is raised, there is inevitably the formation of diversionary camps to contest the authenticity of this fascinating phenomenon. One camp is of the opinion that memory alone is involved in regression and that “revivification” is a word only used by those who cling to its meaning of “re-living” some moment in history, which this camp questions as valid,

The others, who believe in revivification, cite the I.Q. tests with regressed adult clients at ages four, five and six. They also cite the positive results found in drawing, handwriting and other tests in which the performance required could not possibly have been guessed or suspected prior to the test.

There are those also who suspect that during regression, even with successful somnambulism, that role-playing is at the root of it all.


Regression must be done SLOWLY. Take your time, both in the original hypnotic induction and proceeding with the backward journey into the past. Thus, with the induction of the subject into the deepest state possible, the hypnotist will then begin to prepare the subject for regression.

  • We are now going back in time.
  • You are now going back in time.
  • Your memory is excellent, your awareness of the past is crystallizing now, just as if it were the present.
  • As we return to earlier days or former years, your mind, like a computer, will unfold as in the present, the correct and truthful answer to whatever question I ask you.
  • Your mind holds a picture for every experience of your life, so it will be easy for you to project immediately and wonderfully that image to present the past and any part of it as in the NOW.
  • Going… back in time now to yesterday… everything about yesterday is clear… crystal clear.
  • It is three o’clock yesterday afternoon (give the date and the day of the week) and you will tell us what you are doing now.
  • You will be able to talk easily and will remain in a deep… deep… deep sleep.
  • In fact, you’re talking so easily and well will cause you to go even deeper and deeper.
  • You will now tell us what you are doing on (time, day and date) as yesterday becomes today. Now…”

At this point, the hypnotist will stop talking and wait.

Do NOT push the subject into answering. Let them answer in his time.

If the subject hasn’t answered after a minute or so you will give the same instructions again… reaffirming that the subject will answer “freely and easily” any and all questions – then wait again.

If the subject fails to answer after what you consider a reasonable time give deepening suggestions and once again pleasantly and encouragingly suggest the “going back in time to yesterday at this time” and give the exact time, day and date again.

It is very unusual when a subject fails to say something, so you may fully expect not to have to wait long for this. (Almost anyone can go back to yesterday, with or without hypnosis.) So after the subject remembers yesterday you can continue the regressive suggestions as follows:

  • We are now going back to a week ago today and you easily and freely see yourself a week ago today (again giving the time, day and date). Now you are there.
  • What are you doing?

Let the subject answer, and be sure you let the subject complete the answer. After this, you may begin regressing months instead of weeks. If this works well, then and only then will you be ready to go slowly by years and take the client back into his childhood one year at a time.

Birthdays are a safe and sure identifying date in the past. If you are successful and the subject is obviously in a deep state you may wish to give the subject a pencil and ask the subject to write their name.

If the regression is successful the writing generally will appear as though written by a child of the approximate age the subject has been regressed to. Many times long-forgotten memories will pop out in this state and prove extremely interesting to the subject upon awakening. Let the subject subconscious mind become aware that you are reaching back into past memories.

Give the subject time to coordinate both conscious and subconscious mechanisms to elicit the eventual date in childhood that you wish to reach.

You may wish, as many do, to record this session on their smartphone.

An associate of ours at one public gathering took over twenty minutes to hypnotize and PREPARE his subject for regression. The actual regression to six years of age for a thirty-year-old woman then took only about eight minutes.

You should set the stage for the client BEFORE introducing regressive suggestions. This may not be necessary if you have worked with your subject before.  But to be on the safe side, TAKE YOUR TIME.

It is highly important in the transmission of a subject from the present to some time in the past to keep in mind that he must also be returned to the present. Going back in time is a two-way trip.

Keep uppermost in mind that while the hypnotherapist may be called upon to regress a client, the subject must also be brought back to the present time with all the comforting and positive suggestions for “being rested and refreshed, feeling wonderful,”

For example:

  • That is fine. Splendid. You are now returning to the present time from this date.
  • Come back one year at a time – slowly.

Continue as follows:

  • When you wake up you will be feeling wonderful, completely in control of your faculties and exceptionally aware of time, date and place.
  • You are now returning to the present from the past and progressing forward through the years.

Name the years, starting with the date of regression and go forward at first by month and then by year, until you get to the year of the present. From the present year keep on going forward to the present day and time. Then when you are ready to awaken the subject it is always wise to praise the subject for their success.

  • You were wonderful and this experience will permit you to examine the past in greater clarity than ever before and be more consciously aware of your talents, abilities, and insight.
  • I now wake you up at the count of six and when you wake you will be feeling wonderful. One, two… etc.

Again, always handle regression slowly, seeking only the responsive pace of the subject. The safety and health of the client always come first in all areas of hypnosis.

Regression demands great care, and we cannot overemphasize the need for careful screening before inducing regressive hypnotic suggestion

Source of the article:  Hypmovation Inc. Training Manual.

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