How Covid-19 Has Unintentionally Changed Your Behaviors and Attitudes

What was once believed to be a short-term pandemic has turned out to be a world long-term crisis.  Studies show that most people are feeling Cage emotionally and physically.

The results are affecting our personal beliefs on just about every level in life and unintentionally changing behaviors and attitudes.

Susan Kresnicka, a U.S.- a based cultural anthropologist who studies the relationship of fundamental human core needs: said self-care, social connection, and identity are needs associated with sustaining and nurturing the individual,

It’s easy to see why during any personal or world major crises people begin to self-sabotage their lives while feeling caged up physically and mentally if their core needs are not meet.

The opinions and images you hold about yourself, your self-image, self-respect, self-love are probably the most important opinions you have. It’s what determines how you act, your success in life, what you do, and the actions you take.

Look in the mirror… How do you see yourself? Do you picture yourself as inhibited or sociable, hopeless or talented, affectionate or unfriendly, confident or unsure, fearful or fearless?

⁣ Robin Sharma: “Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.”

The pictures and images you hold of yourself are firmly embedded in your subconscious mind (referred to as your habit mind). They have been developed through your self-talk, coupled with control, manipulation, and domination from your parental and environmental conditioning, and past experience from birth and, you may not even be aware of it.

Our life is a reflection of our past. It may be encouraging and helpful, or burdensome and damaging.

If fear, anxiety, or lack of confidence is part of the images held in your mind, they’re almost certainly getting in the way of who you’d like to be.⁣

But here’s the good news. Through self-hypnosis, you can change the snapshot and emotions you carry of yourself.

Crisis brings with It; unbearable fears which affect our mind and body. We lose self-esteem and confidence, and stress out!

Learning and practicing self-hypnosis, will deeply empower you with inner strength, calm, and peace of mind!

Your future reality depends on what you DO NOW!

Guild your mind to take action now.  You’ll see benefits in all areas of your life. Because if there’s such a thing as a shortcut to having a life-changing  experience, self-hypnosis is it:

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