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Change Your Self-Image

Change through hypnosis

Your Self-Image. How do you see yourself?Do you picture yourself as shy or outgoing, inept or capable, loving or distant? The opinion you have about yourself, your self-image, is probably the most important opinion you have. It’s what governs how you act, what you do, and how you think.The picture you have of yourself is …

Goodbye to negative thoughts.

Negative Thoughts

Say goodbye to negative thoughts with hypnosis. Hypnosis provides you a universe of boundless possibilities and successes!With hypnosis, you are going to immediately neutralize and replace your negative thoughts and customs. Instead of trying unsuccessfully to replace your negative thoughts and habits using willpower; you are going to deliberately replace them through your subconscious mind …

Behavior-How Your Brain Learns


Behavior is any action that can be observed, learning may be defined as a relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as the result of practice.Practice means the inculcation of habit formations or conditioning. When we talk of conditioning, we are referring to stimulus-response, or conditioned response, classical conditioning, operant conditioning and multiple-response learning.An associative …