Nothing Sells Like Repetition

Repetition: Marketing and advertising have long used techniques based on Hypnosis.

Repetition: Savvy Marketers know that a repeated message can sink into the deepest subconscious level of a person’s mind.

Repetition of a message effectively triggers self-hypnosis that we begin to hum or sing those Madison Avenue advertising jingles. Example: When I say “Spearmint Gum,” your mind probably thought of  “Double Your Flavor, Double Your Fun.” (for us older generation)

Competition is the hallmark of all Marketing and Sales.

It is essential to be focused, intense, and full of energy and motivation to be a success. Therefore, we can use Hypnosis in the same way Madison Avenue does.

They create their ads and advertise messages that propel us to more extraordinary achievement and peak performance. We all experience self-hypnosis frequently in everyday Life in such diverse activities as day-dreaming, jogging, prayer, reading, listening to music, meditation, or even driving the freeways.

Hypnosis offers a unique opportunity for the marketing and sales professionals and ourselves to give positive messages that will positively influence new thinking, attitudes, and behaviors.

  • Use Hypnosis to transform many of your fears, concerns, and anxieties into strengths.
  • Use self-hypnosis to change negative thoughts into positive action and watch your sales Life and career take a quantum leap.

Crisis Brings With It; Unbearable Fears Which Affects Our Mind and Body. We Lose Self-Esteem and Confidence and Stress Out! Hypnosis, Meditation, and Mindfulness Will Deeply Empower You With Inner Strength, Calm, and Peace of Mind!

Your Future Reality Depends On What You Do Now?

Repurpose Your Life and Future Through Repetition

Turn up the emotional heat to manifest your purpose in Life. You can imagine something and then display it in physical reality.

Four necessary steps for using the power of your imagination and four-word choices to guarantee your result,

First, here are the four steps for igniting your powers of imagination.

  1. Decide, describe clearly what you want, and define your purpose for it.
  2.  Believe, Your mind will need to accept it to be true mentally in the present moment. Your subconscious only knows the present moment, never in the past or future. Never say I am going to have. To have what you want. You first see it and feel yourself being, doing, and experiencing it now.
  3. See it in your mind. Your imagination is the eye of your mind. Learn to see so clearly that you could reach out and touch it.
  4. Feel it deeply in your heart and body. When your imagination, compassion, and body energies are aligned with what you want, nothing is impossible to manifest in your Life. Next, take action on what you want. Want a new car, a new home, or a better job? Visit a dealership showroom, property of your liking, and a company you are interested in. While there, experience it thoroughly so that you may re-live what you want mentally and emotionally as if it has already happened.
    Words create mental imagery, and the right choices will guarantee your result,

Use words with emotional impact.

Emotion is what stirs the subconscious mind to act in the present tense: the fewer words you use to convey an image and emotion, the better.   Example: I am a money magnet. In the present moment. Vs. I enjoy creating a lot of money to spend. Is future moment

Use a short word that has the same meaning.

The meaning is the same, but the one with half the words efficiently has twice the attention-getting power. Example: I am Healthy in Body and Mind Vs. My body and mind are becoming healthier every day.

Is there a word that sounds better and still conveys the correct meaning?

A string of words that begin with the same first letter, the same sound, or that create a pleasing rhythm or rhyme is more captivating than a random collection of sounds. For example, in Repetition, there is music and rhythm to language. And words repeated to the subconscious mind are like music on Steroids. I am healthier and healthier and healthier.

Is there a word or phrase that communicates a desirable mental visual? The mind thinks in pictures. You are the artist, and words are your palette. The images you paint to your subconscious mind create the emotions and feeling that move you into taking action on your purpose in Life.

Your Future Reality Depends On What You Do Now!



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Our minds are primarily responsible for how our body feels. If you feel emotionally, mentally, and physically drained, then perhaps it’s time to take some steps to change your life. Harnessing control over your thoughts and emotions can lead to many health benefits. It takes proactivity and sometimes thinking outside the box to find the right solution for you.

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Physical Ailments

Many do not realize how their inner chatterbox, negative cycling thoughts, stress, and anxiety impact their bodies. Headaches, fatigue, or stomach problems can often be blamed on other causes or seen as the problem instead of a symptom. Unchecked stress, anxiety, and negativity can also cause some or all of the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep issues

Trying New Ways

While the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and negative thinking are tedious and exhausting, you have the ability and remedy them. One size does not fit all, but there are many options for you to try to take control of your situation. Upwork offers various wellness services to tackle the symptoms and the issue’s root. You can get consultations, coaching, meditation guides, fitness instructors, and nutrition help all in one spot.

Sometimes, change requires thinking out of the box and trying something new. Hypnosis can help reframe your thinking, change automatic responses you naturally have had to exterior situations, and reveal the causes of your mental anguish. A good hypnotherapist will help you discover your goals and obstacles and take a detailed assessment of why you need hypnotherapy. Then, they will teach you how hypnosis works and help you reprogram your mind to be a helpful tool that benefits your daily life.


We sometimes get stuck in a mental routine, and when that routine is negative, it can feel like there’s no escape. Treat your brain to something foreign. Break the pattern by introducing a new skill. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to create new pathways or networks, which ultimately can change behaviors and thoughts. Old paths that are not useful to you or harm you can be replaced by introducing your brain to a new skill.

The more you engage in a new skill and attempt to master the skill, the more your brain will strengthen in that area, form new pathways, and override your brain’s networks that cause negative thinking, stress, or anxiety. Here are some skills to master that can help you reform and reshape your future:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Journaling
  • Engaging in play, puzzles, or games
  • Joining group activities or clubs


When your mind remains stuck in a negative cycle and your body feels awful, the last thing you want to do is get up and move. Take time to acknowledge the resistance you feel toward exercise, and then audibly coach yourself to take the first steps.

This method to overcome your mind will require initial willpower. But once you get into it, your body will naturally create endorphins. Your mind will feel better. You will likely discover that your physical symptoms have lessened or subsided altogether. Start with easy, low-impact exercises, like a walk or hike. Over time, your body will not only enjoy fitness but will also crave its positive benefits.

The mind is complex and can get stuck into repetitive negative patterns. Those mental patterns can result in severe physical consequences. If you’re tired of your subconscious controlling your days, all it takes is one decision to make a change. Reach out to someone who can guide you through the areas you need assistance with and who can keep you accountable. Take control by trying something different, and actively change your thoughts and feelings by tapping into your brain patterns and body needs and rewiring how you think.

Article by: Amy Collett

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The process isn’t magic, though the results will be magical. Now Is The Time To Change Yourself, Stop Over-Thinking Your Problems. When You Do, You Will Change Your World.

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Take Back Control Of Your Life Now With Hypnotherapy and Mindset Coaching.

Regain Control Over Your Deepest Desires By Believing! “Every morning as you awaken, deposit thoughts of prosperity, success, wealth, and peace; dwell upon these concepts; busy your mind with them as often as possible. These positive thoughts will find their way as deposits in your subconscious mind and bring forth abundance and prosperity.”



Change Your Self-Image

Your Self-Image. How do you see yourself?

Do you picture yourself as shy or outgoing, inept or capable, loving or distant? The opinion you have about yourself, and your self-image, is probably the most important opinion you have. It’s what governs how you act, what you do, and how you think.

The picture you have of yourself is firmly rooted in your subconscious. It’s been formed from your experience and parental conditioning, and you may not even be aware of it. It’s positive and beneficial, or cumbersome and detrimental. If fear, anxiety, or lack of confidence are part of your picture, they’re probably getting in the way of who you’d like to be.

But here’s the good news. Through self-hypnosis, you can change the snapshot you carry of yourself. When you do, you’ll see benefits in all areas of your life. Because if there’s such a thing as a shortcut to self-improvement, changing your self-image is it:

When you change your self-image, you change your personality and behavior.

Anything you’ve learned from the past can be changed. And when you learn to hold a new image of yourself, you’ll actually be a new person.

Here are some recommended suggestions to use for improving your self-image:

  • I am a warm, friendly person, interested in other people.
  • I am an energetic, sparkling, and enthusiastic person, fascinated by everything I do.
  • I am a leader and enjoy talking to groups, always in good humor.
  • I am successful in whatever I set my mind to do.
  • I enjoy my work thoroughly; I look forward to going to work every day.
  • I am completely at ease with people at social gatherings.
  • I live by, and support, the highest standards of my profession. I like myself and enjoy life to the fullest.
  • I am in good health, with success, and achievement.
  • I am much more concerned with what I think of myself than what I might imagine others think of me.

When you practice, focus on only one aspect of your self-image at a time.

Once you’re deeply relaxed, see yourself in that regard as you would like to be — imagine that you are that way. Soon, you won’t need to imagine it.

During your regular practice sessions, or anytime you’re feeling stressed, go through the steps you normally use to meet deep relaxation, then visualize one or more of the following:

    • Imagine yourself feeling the way you do after a very rewarding physical activity, such as running, tennis, swimming, or dancing — actually feel the physical sense of well-being.
    • Visualize your favorite animal playing or relaxing on a clear day — feel the carefree happiness of playing and the peaceful, not-a-care-in-the-world relaxation.
    • Visualize the bottom of your file basket or inbox as empty, and feel the sense of completion.
    • Imagine you are tasting your favorite fruit or experiencing your favorite scent. Savor the taste or scent and feel yourself relax.
    • Visualize your favorite color and let it spread throughout your body and mind. Feel the wave of pleasant relaxation.
    • Tune in with your mind’s ear to your favorite piece of music and feel the soothing wave of peace and relaxation.
    • Let your mind’s eye take you to a place where you feel safe, secure, serene, and happy — your personal, private paradise.

Transformational Hypnotherapist and Mind-Set Coach,

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Self-Confidence for Mental Fitness and Winning in Life

Studies show that men and women profit most from having self-confidence and building up their psychological strength.

Self-confidence may be the sign of amazing achievement for individuals from many walks of life and from all businesses and lots of time spells the difference between failure and success. Browse around you’ll readily find individuals who have sincere self-confidence and who impel and sway others effortlessly. You’ve seen those that are encouraged to highly-paid posture whereas the others with improved training, are perhaps not.

Upon close study, you could notice that people who progress in life believe strongly in their own capacity to be successful. They exude poise and confidence and also appear to get a consistent usage of intellect and enlarged vision. The others only naturally follow, the individual who lacks self-confidence, repels others, instead of pulling them.

Self-confidence maybe your faith in your inborn abilities and skills to successfully overcome procrastination, fears, phobias, inhibitions, and adversities for carrying out actions. Lacking self-confidence affects every part of one’s own life. You will have all of the relevant skills, training, and emotional abilities to achieve success in your career, but in case you lack self-confidence your own life will probably end up just like an eight-cylinder car running on a single-cylinder – fighting and sputtering to perform well in every area of one’s own life.

You lose work, low earnings consequences, with a family member, pass on, file bankruptcy, get your car repossessed, be passed over for some position, fail a test, be called fatty, dumb, horrible, and bad news from a physician is simply a few causes behind programming a deficiency of self-confidence.

We enter into this world using self-confidence. Consider any given child’s activities and responses until they get filled up with the fears, anxieties, and inhibitions of both thoughts and adversities like adults.

Just like an athlete who trains to exhaustion, daily, to organize their own bodies for having strong lungs and muscles — also need to discipline their minds for concentration, control, and self-confidence. Additionally, exactly like élite athletes, in the majority of sports, are all equal in skill and physical prowess — industry people mirror one another in skills and ability departing emotional ideas and feelings while the advantage element.

It is possible to form your advantage factor of self-confidence as well as your power to achieve success through day-to-day tasks with “Emotional Fitness” (call it psychological exercise or mental workout to push beyond your limits).

Each has their own skills, education, and physical abilities which require tackling the job at hand.

The greatest difference is the fact that the élite athlete finds mental training essential – and perhaps not only for performing on game day but also for having the absolute most out of the everyday workouts.

Whatever the profession, you are in, developing self-confidence can be accomplished through an everyday routine of “Mental Fitness”. Salesperson can develop their physical and psychological strength for attaining the very top of their game with all the same “Mental Fitness” methods athletes use.

Top performers in virtually any livelihood and most businesses face constant deadlines, communicating challenges, and fear of rejection, exhausting periods and work-related stress, uncontrollable and unexpected problems.

With a “Mental Fitness” program you condition the mind to answer in a more relaxed, more productive, and confident way. It is possible to transform complex motor manners into automatic moves and increased mind control. You will be pumped out of the bodily and psychic stress of work-related and personal undertakings. It is possible to form the capacity to close the pain out of fatigue and find out how to endure the strength of one’s everyday routine.

Self-confidence could be your answer to achieving a balance in life and greater performance in your life without stress and “Emotional Fitness” may be your vehicle to get there in self-confidence.

Doing a “Mental Fitness” program takes a commitment and the desire to triumph in life. There’s absolutely not any hocus pocus involved with “Mental Fitness” and the only real tool you’ll need can be your own brain. Sound too straightforward? Prepare to be astounded both by the ability of your thoughts to shape what you are able to be and by the energy, you need to direct it.

“Mental Fitness” is vital for living a life of happiness, joy, and prosperity.

Listed below are 5 thought-forming exercises that you can do each and every single day to get more confidence and control with less stress in your lifetime.

Write down in fine detail what you need to perform. Keep in mind that statement when picking out your objective. “once you quit arguing for limitations and lack you are going to experience increased success in your own life.”

  1. Relax by assuming a position either reclining or lying down with your legs uncrossed and your arms held loosely at your side. Make sure that you will not be disturbed by turning off your radio, television, and cell phones and removing any animals such as a dog or cat from the room. And, remove your shoes or any apparel that will interfere with your physical comfort in any way.

Note: Relaxation doesn’t mean taking a nap or falling asleep. It means becoming deliberately relaxed in mind and body, escaping momentarily from the cares of the day, to create the receptive state necessary for auto-suggestion and reprogramming your subconscious mind.

  1. Using your imagination — visualize, touch, hear, feel, and smell through your mind’s eye the desired outcome and new results you want to achieve. All things are first imagined in the unformed world before you can manifest their’ equivalence in the formed world.
  2. While in your relaxed state inwardly, silently and repeatedly use self-talk that supports your imaging in your mind and act as if you have already accomplished your goal. Pretend that you are creating a motion picture of yourself and you are the director, actor, set dresser, scriptwriter, and costume designer.
  3. Practice daily, just like an athlete, so that you can develop your edge factor of self-confidence and your ability to succeed.

We live in a world that can and is being transformed through human imagination; a world of mind, where at first, all things are only a concept, idea or image in the mind of a person.

Transformational Hypnotherapist and Mind-Set Coach,

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Using Hypnomeditation to Reduce Stress and Pain

Hypnosis is used today as an effective release method for both physical pain and stress.

Research has demonstrated that only about 25% of the pain is the body’s physical response to trauma. The other 75% of the experience of pain is the emotional aspect, including the person’s fears, expectations, and anxiety level.

Almost everyone has had an experience of “not feeling” a cut or scrape while involved in an activity.  The pain and stress occur when the person becomes aware of the injury.

Hypnosis can prove quite effective for most people, particularly in handling that 75% emotional part. Since tension normally exaggerates pain, stress, and fear, the relaxed state of hypnosis tends to raise the pain threshold. Anesthesia, or a sense of numbness, is also a natural phenomenon of a deep state of hypnosis.

Studies being done about the body’s’ physiological response to relaxation (hypnosis) have been performed by Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School and author of The Relaxation Response.  Benson is largely credited for demystifying meditation and helping to bring it into the mainstream, by renaming meditation the “Relaxation Response”.

After concentrating on a single stimulus, such as an object or a phrase, as is done in hypnosis, Benson found that oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, respiration, blood lactate, heart rate, and blood pressure decreased. He also found the intensification of alpha waves. He called the physiological changes the “relaxation response” His findings show that within certain limitations, everyone has the ability to control his or her body physiology. Thus, self-hypnosis may play a significant role in the future for treating diseases such as hypertension, because of the ability to control blood pressure.

Hypnosis is being used more and more frequently as a means of painless childbirth.  Natural childbirth uses a form of hypnosis. This has been denied for some time, but recently many doctors, such as Dr. Crantly  Dick-Read, author of Childbirth without Fear, admit the methods of natural childbirth include hypnotic trance.  For the use of painless childbirth and easier pregnancy, training in hypnosis should come early in the pregnancy. Hypnosis helps reduce morning sickness, backache, stress, and constipation, which often accompany pregnancy.  Even the increased weight that pregnant women seem to acquire can be controlled through hypnotic suggestion. Delivery is easier and less painful when hypnosis is used, as the pain threshold is automatically raised. And there are many cases of labor time being reduced by two, three, or four hours — as a direct result of hypnosis.

The most common technique used for childbirth is to induce insensibility to pain through a series of sessions. The mother gives birth in a state of waking hypnosis, feeling very little pain or discomfort.  The advantages of using hypnosis during childbirth are not limited to the mother. The baby benefits, too, as hypnosis is the only method available that is totally devoid of danger to the child.

Drugs affect the baby, causing depressed respiration at birth. The baby can almost always breathe spontaneously without any stimulation when the natural method of hypnosis is used. A final advantage is the lessened post-natal shock. Bleeding can be controlled and the healing process speeded up, an advantage to both the mother and her pocketbook, considering the increasingly high medical costs that are prevalent today.