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Change Your Self-Image

Change through hypnosis

Your Self-Image. How do you see yourself?Do you picture yourself as shy or outgoing, inept or capable, loving or distant? The opinion you have about yourself, your self-image, is probably the most important opinion you have. It’s what governs how you act, what you do, and how you think.The picture you have of yourself is …

Phenomenon of Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

 Phenomena of Extrasensory Perception; the┬áperception without the use of the five senses and is usually abbreviated to ESP.   The principal manifestations as recognized by science are as follows:1. Mental Telepathy or thought transference from one person to another (or others) – that passage of thought being the only means of communication. Scientific studies show that distance …

Hallucinations? Everything I say to you now or later will be absolutely true!


 Hallucinations–Many stage hypnotists delight in hallucinations when placing their chosen subjects in trance, handing them onions, and after telling them that they are holding a sweet roll, advise them to start eating.The subjects then show their pleasure as they munch on the onions just as if they would something sweet. This is one form of …

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