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The Way to Be Successful in Life

Influence people through the internet

Nothing has affected the speed of communication than the Internet — the influence has captured young and old globally.The key to increasing your ability to ethically influence others naturally will lie in your willingness to rapidly adopt new technology the internet and your ability to craft your words hypnotically.Technology is the means to convey the …

The Magic Power of Influence

Secrets of Personal Marketing Power

Magic to influence others.The magic is, however, clearly in the formulating of powerful words and certain principles employed that create the magic to influence the actions of others. There is much research on the subject of influence by social psychologists, primarily through observation and experimental studies in laboratories. Some of the most powerful, more frequently …

Change Butterflies Of Fear Into EAGLES OF COURAGE


You possess the most powerful machine on earth–Your mind.It can transport you to the dungeon of despair, or lift you gloriously up the steps of success beyond your wildest dream.  We live in a mental world where at one time all things were only a concept, idea or image in the mind of a person.  …

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