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Testimonials, in a radio interview, Don said — I’m grateful; for the continued success in satisfying one customer after the other. Don’t just take my word for it — listen to their testimonials, and you’ll hear why we are the best in the business! Each customer below had their own goal: to stop smoking, overcome the fear of flying, improve their athletic ability, play excellence in their game of sport, overcome anxiety, or become a money-maker.   Scroll down and listen to the testimonials of men and women who continue to have success.

Christine Brown's Testimonial Don Price is a Certified Transformation Coach and Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles CA

powerful testimonials

I used to love weightlifting but had to quit the gym because of a herniated cervical disc. I was in too much pain for a few months because of it, had to quit my job, and ultimately ended up with surgery. Post-surgery recovery was difficult for me as I was still in many discomforts, and all my muscles were gone. I was sad and depressed as I couldn’t do the things I loved the most. That’s when my friend told me about Don Price. His coaching changed my life forever. I live my life to the fullest now, even started training again though I can’t work out as hard as my pre-surgery days.

Chris Martin

Coping with Stress, Fear, and Anxiety

Rebecca testimonialsHi Don

“Letting you know that the hypnotherapy greatly helped me throughout my pregnancy. However, it was still nerve-wracking. I could complete multiple blood tests and receive an IV and epidural during the birth process of my healthy little boy. I honestly don’t know how I would’ve gotten through that experience without the tools I learned in your sessions. I am thankful to you for helping me make this still-growing change in my life”.
I hope all is well fo
r you and yours, —  Rebecca

Success Story of a client about the Positive Change in her Life

It’s a humbling experience when a young client (11 years old) expresses his thank you for helping him through his life challenges. I’ve quoted him below just in case the letter is somewhat challenging to read.

“You have helped me so much on my journey through this part of my life. I thank you. Without you, I probably would never have been happy again. When I came, I was unsure if this would help me or not, but my mom said it would work, and she was right. The last time I came, I knew I had completed my long adjustment process to this way of living. As I remember my past, you’re on the good side of the glass in my memory museum.”


EMERSON said, “Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain.”


“A man with a poverty-type mind finds himself in poverty-stricken
conditions. Another man with a mind filled with ideas of wealth will
have everything he needs.”

Doc Childre said,

“With genuine practice, we can find within our heart’s guidance and directions for the next steps along our path to becoming our empowered, true self.”


“There is only one process of healing, and that is faith; there is only one healing power,
namely, your subconscious mind.”

Experts testimonials from all industries appreciate Don L Price 

Companies & Associations in the United States that have benefited from Don’s programs

Aetna Capital Funding, Inc.
Dare2BU Records
Sales & Marketing Executives Assc.
Countrywide Wholesale Lenders
AMC Trade Shows
National Management Association
Jersey Financial
Hughes Family Markets
Rohsen Technology & Marketing Inc.
Michigan Mortgage Brokers Association
Commonwealth United Mortgage
St. Paul Federal Bank
Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers
Western Financial Savings Bank
N. Carolina Assoc. of Mortgage Brokers
Technology Training Corporation
National Bank Drafting Systems
Century 21 Real Estate
and others

Companies in Mexico & South America that have benefited from Don’s programs

Communicaciones Mtel, S.A. de C.V.
Avis Rent A Car – S.A. de C.V.
Technology Training R.L. de C.V.
Alva Nuclear
Smurfit Carton y Papel de Mexico
Laboratorio Lito Color
Medios Publicitarios Exteriores
ITC Escatepec Computacion
Grupo Nacional Provincial
Rica Rondo
Hallmark Mexicana, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Disney Consumer Products Mexico
Coca Cola de Mexico
Banco De Mexico
L’oreal Paris
Grupo Ipsos-Novaction Latin America
and others!

Corporations and Association Testimonials

  • The Best! Very charismatic; he inspires and projects confidence” M. A. Vargas Latinoamericana de Seguros
  • “Don has a dynamic and unique approach using self-hypnosis when coaching individuals and companies in marketing, sales, and change to create powerful & positive results. You need to work with Don to reach higher performance and life balance levels.” Jim Zinger, CSP  President Hypmovation Inc.
  • “Your presentation ranks among the most popular events ever staged in the five-year history of AMC’s Buyer Education Program.” Debra A. Gold, Los Angeles, CA
  • “This was the second workshop presented by Don that I have attended. I feel that Don is one of the most professional and informed speakers I have ever heard.” Mary Jo Gaustad, Dallas, TX
  • “From orchestrating a focus group of experts that shed light on issues critical to our product’s success to researching and developing a comprehensive report for market penetration, you have surpassed our expectations in the caliber and delivery of the materials. You have provided expertise on many different levels beyond what we had expected.” Fred Noce  Sr. Vice President/COO Dare2BU Records
  • “Don Price walks his talk. He knows his subject and skillfully teaches easy-to-apply personal marketing techniques to his audiences and clients. Anyone who wants to prosper needs to work with Don. He’s the Master.” Valerie Wiener, President
    Wiener Communications Group
  • “Excellent! Don maintains your interest to the very end. Extremely entertaining and knowledgeable” G. A. R. Librindice S.A. de C.V.
  • “Don Price is the Guru of Marketing — I have used Don’s techniques in my personal and professional life, and it works. Don’s easy approach takes the work out of marketing. The results I garnered from his advice have helped me increase my profitability by more than 30% in the first quarter of implementation.” Barbara Write Sykes, President of Collins Publications
  • “A unique individual with strong presentation and seminar leadership skills – you are unpretentious, motivational, educational, and inspirational to your audience. You demonstrate exceptional expertise in selling products and services from the platform.” Steve Arter, Cash Planning Resources, Inc.
  • “When it comes to marketing, Don figures it out and then does it. From plan to execution, I’ve watched Don Price succeed while others have failed. He can assess the true needs of the situation and then develop and execute a viable plan to make it come true.” Mike Rounds, Rounds, Miller, and Associates
  • “Thank you for your above-excellent presentation of sales management seminars sponsored by Technology Training Corporation in Mexico. Our clients received the seminars with high praise, and we look forward to continuing our sponsorship of your programs in Mexico and South America.”
    Janice M. Schrufer, Program Manager Technology Training Corporation USA


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