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Unlock Your Mind to Harness the Power Within You, Through Hypnosis, to Create a Positive and Everlasting Change!

Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Life Transformation

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions, doubt, procrastination, undue stress and anxiety to the point that you are depressed? 
  • Do you have an uncontrollable craving for food and can’t lose weight or stop smoking?
  • Are your fears, phobias, and lack of confidence holding you back from living a life of joy, success, and happiness?

Unleash the POWER of your MIND through Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness now with Don L Price.

Say goodbye to negative thoughts and habits with Hypnosis.  NO Drugs and NO Side-Effect.

Inspirational. Life changing. Just plain amazing.   

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RebeccaHi Don

“I just wanted to let you know that the hypnotherapy greatly helped me throughout my pregnancy; though it was still nerve-wracking, I was able to complete multiple blood tests and receive an IV and epidural during the birth process of my healthy little boy. I honestly don’t know how I would’ve gotten through that experience without the tools I learned in your sessions. I am thankful to you for helping me make this still-growing change in my life”.

Hope all is well for you and yours,  Rebecca


“It’s notAileen unusual for top sales professionals to suffer from a sales slump or a writer to have low confidence.  The key is to recognize the problem and seek help. After experiencing my slump in sales I had to seek Don L. Price.” (Everyone Needs A Success Coach and Mentor)


I’m Monica… Please click on my Photo so that I can share my incredible transformation for having joy and happiness in my life  working with Don L. Price

It is our greatest aspiration is to help you have the RESULTS you want… We take the time to listen to you and we firmly believe that Hypnosis will turn your life around for enjoying endless possibilities! Call today for your FREE in-office consultation 818-841-0581