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Hypnotherapy will transform your life now, to create positive everlasting new thoughts that are profound and life-changing. You will have greater peace and joy, improve your finances, create the body you want by losing weight and have more self-confidence.  Hypnosis is a proven and unique therapy that gives you results to defeat Your Struggles in Life Now! Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are you really feeling overwhelmed by unwanted emotions, doubt, procrastination, undue stress and anxiousness to the stage that you are depressed?
  • Do you have an uncontrollable craving for food and can’t get rid of pounds or give up cigarette smoking?
  • Are the fears, phobias, along with a shortage of confidence holding you back from living a life of enjoyment, achievement, and happiness?
  • Do you truly feel unworthy and deprived because of a sexless marriage?
  • Are you lacking the excitement and electricity to reach your ends?

We’ve helped the young and old for years get their confidence in building their Success.  You too can begin achieving whatever you place your MIND on and the solutions are right here. Give yourself the gift of life and call today for your free consultation 818-841-0581Download Hypnotherapy, and Life Transformation Sessions for $9.95Unleash the POWER of your MIND with Certified Hypnotherapist Don L Price.

Say goodbye to negative thoughts and habits with Hypnotherapy.  NO Drugs and NO Side-Effect.

Inspirational. Life changing. Just plain amazing.   

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Rebecca's testimonial on how Hypnotherapy was Life changing during her pregnancy A young mother faced with a problem. She was terribly fearful of going to a physician for check-ups while pregnant with her infant. But her biggest fear was receiving her shots and being at the hospital to deliver her baby. Click on her picture and then read after going through her sessions what she said.

“It’s notAileen's testimonial on how hypnotherapy with Don L Price changed her life unusual for top sales professionals to suffer from a sales slump or a writer to have low confidence.  The key is to recognize the problem and seek help. After experiencing my slump in sales I had to seek Don L. Price.” (Everyone Needs A Success Coach and Mentor)

Hi, I'm Monica... listen to my story in English and Spanish on how Hypnotherapy with Don L Price change my life.

I’m Monica… Please click on my photo so that I can share my incredible transformation for having joy and happiness in my life  working with Don L. Price

As a Hypnotherapist and Transformational Coach, my greatest aspiration is to help you learn how to change your brain to have the RESULTS you want… We take the time to listen to you and we firmly believe that Hypnosis will turn your life around for enjoying endless possibilities! Call today for your FREE in-office consultation 818-841-0581

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