3 Steps for Preventing Anxiety Attacks

Many people experience anxiety attacks. However, even if they aren’t uncommon, those who deal with them would typically prefer to avoid the anxiety attacks entirely. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the frequency and severity of anxiety attacks. If you’re wondering how to prevent them, here are some tips.

Learn a Deep Breathing Technique

During an anxiety attack, many people begin to hyperventilate. It can increase fear when that occurs, causing the anxiety attack to worsen.

By learning a deep breathing technique, you can reduce stress and prevent hyperventilation. As a result, the severity of the anxiety attack may lessen, or, in some cases, you may be able to avoid an attack entirely.

Many deep breathing techniques are simple to learn. If you aren’t sure what to use, consider trying one of the following:

Try each option to see which is the best fit for you. That way, you prioritize effectiveness, ensuring you end up with a solution that calms your anxiety.

Carry a Focus Object

In some cases, a focus object can be a powerful tool for reducing anxiety and preventing anxiety attacks. It gives you a point where you can direct all your energy and attention, reducing the impact of any other stimuli that trigger your anxiety.

Many people choose focus objects at the moment, selecting a nearby item they can see. However, carrying one with you can be a better choice.

When you carry a focus object, you have an item with you at all times that you can concentrate on when you feel your anxiety building. It gives you a way to recenter and soothe yourself. Plus, you can choose an object that represents safety, calm, love, or another positive emotion, potentially making it more powerful.

Ideally, you want your focus object to be minor, allowing it to fit in a pocket or bag and your hand. It should also be an item that you enjoy looking at and touching. A worry stone is an excellent option, exceptionally if you choose one in a color or material that’s meaningful to you.

Re-Envision Your Career

Many people suffer from anxiety on the job. At times, it’s simply the specific environment causing the issue. However, in some cases, their careers aren’t a great fit.

If you’re struggling with job anxiety, going back to school and changing careers is worth considering. Whether you study psychology, information technology, business management, or anything else, you can re-envision your professional life, allowing you to head toward a job that doesn’t trigger your anxiety.

By enrolling in an online degree program, you can learn at your own pace. Not only does this make earning your degree less stressful, but it also helps you balance your education with personal and professional responsibilities.

Once you’ve completed your degree, you’ll need to update your resume. By using a free resume builder, you’ll be able to create an eye-catching resume by customizing your chosen template and adding your copy, color, font, and photos.

Get Professional Help

If your anxiety attacks are disrupting daily life, hurting your career, or harming your relationships, getting professional help is the right move. They can introduce a range of beneficial coping skills and offer you various tools designed to help stop anxiety attacks before they start or lessen their impact.

Plus, by working with a mental health professional, you can explore the causes of your anxiety in a safe environment. Hypnotherapy can be incredibly effective, allowing you to reframe your experiences to reduce any associated stress. Hypnotherapist and mindset coach Don Price can help you take back control and improve your confidence, putting you on the path toward your best life.

Experiencing anxiety can be debilitating. By finding professional help, learning deep breathing techniques, and starting a new career, you can build your confidence and prevent anxiety attacks.

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