About Don L. Price Certified Transformational Mindset Coach and, Hypnotherapist!  

People talk about Don L Price and the positive and wonderful lifestyle changes they have experienced when working with him.

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Awe-Inspiring Positive Change Solution Provider;  

In a recent interview, Don talked especially about his client base. My clients come from all walks of life, such as executives of corporations, sports figures, sales professionals, students, entertainers, and homemakers. They all have different physical and emotional challenges, relationship problems, and sexual and physical abuse. Their needs are to overcome fears, doubt, depression, phobias, weight, anxiety and stress, unhappiness with the current job, procrastination, lack of confidence, and self-worth/self-esteem.


“I’m committed to helping people through Transformational Hypnosis and Mindset Coaching to reach their goals for having a healty Lifestyle. When taking on a client I do a complete intake and needs assessment of their life challenges’ for establishing their desired changes and to find out what has prevented them in making those changes. I end any misconceptions they may have about the process of hypnosis and its applications for creating the change they want in life.” 

  • “Don truly walks his talk” and has been an avid practitioner of Self-Hypnosis, Waking-Hypnosis, and Guided Meditation for 40 years.
  • He is a passionate advocate of the mind’s power and a devoted researcher of discovering new techniques in mental healing.
  • Don education is in psychology, business, art, quantum theories, and mismanaged emotional energy.
  • Don has had four back surgeries, infectious blood disease, and 14 surgeries on his face for skin cancer, of which he said, “Self-Hypnosis Was My Partner in Healing!”

Experts testimonials from all industries appreciate Don L. Price.


Don has written and contributed to many books, personal improvement audio programs, and course material.

Authoring includes

  • Secrets of Personal Marketing Power for Achieving Greater Personal and Business Success.
  • The Impetus Principle 
  • Overcoming Doubt, Fear, and Procrastination.


A resident in Los Angeles, CA, California, Listed in who’s/who in professional speaking. He has made appearances on radio and television programs as a positive change strategist.

All hypnotherapy programs are custom-crafted and focus on solutions to specific challenges and concerns facing his audience and clients today. Inspiring, motivating, and energizing people to their peak performance.

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Don authored the following: